Registration for family members to attend the Conferment Ceremony is now open!

The registration for family members or other guests of promovendi is now open. Each promovendus may register 1-2 family members or other guests to attend the Conferment Ceremony, which is held in the Great hall on the 27th of May beginning at 10 am. Please note that in order to begin the ceremony in time, guests should arrive well in advance. For guests of the promovendi, attending the Conferment Ceremony is free.

You can find the registration form here or in the registration page. Deadline for registering guests is May 15th. All possible changes will be notified through official channels (mainly website and Facebook-page).

The ceremony’s dresscode applies to family members too. You can find the dresscode here

NB! You won’t receive a confirmation e-mail after filling the registration form for guests.

If you encounter any problems or have something to ask, please contact the committee at