Instructions for participants

Welcome to the Conferment Ceremony! Congratulations, you’re in for the celebration of a lifetime that, in all its glory, requires some preparations. The Conferment Ceremony is not just a celebration, but also a play and a ritual of sorts, where each participant has their meticulously defined role complete with an appropriate outfit.

Please familiarise yourself with the programme and the dress code well ahead of time and especially if you intend to have bespoke garments made for the ceremony. In the glossary you will find further information on who’s who in the ceremony. Should you have any more questions, please refer to the frequently asked questions or contact the Conferment Committee at

Payment instructions

Recipient: Helsingin yliopisto
Account number: FI22 1660 3000 0777 38
Amount: € 250 (promovendi) / € 200 (escorts) / € 100 (invited guests participating Conferment dinner) / € 150 (invited guests participating in both Conferment dinner and ball) / € 80 (invited guests participating in Conferment ball)
Pay by: 27.4.2016
Note: Valtsikan promootio 2016

Attention! Promovendus! Please note that you will need to obtain the Master’s ring or the Doctoral hat and sword yourself for the Conferment Act. Further information on these academic insignia and on how to obtain them (by purchasing or borrowing), see this page. Last but not least, don’t forget to fill your details into this form for the matricula.