Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can be conferred in the Conferment Ceremony?

Any person holding a Master’s or a Doctor’s degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki can participate in the Conferment Ceremony as a promovendus (person to be conferred), provided he or she hasn’t been conferred in an earlier conferment ceremony. Previously conferred Masters and Doctors may take part in some of the events of the Conferment Ceremony if they so wish, see below.

I was already conferred in a previous Conferment Ceremony. Can I participate again?

It is only possible to take part in the Conferment Ceremony once per degree. An academic rank can only be conferred once. However, you are warmly welcome to participate in the dinner and/or the ball following the Conferment Act. Registration for these events begins later in spring 2016. More information to follow on this website.

I was conferred in the 1966 Conferment Ceremony of the Faculty of Social Sciences. How can I participate?

As a Jubilee Master or Doctor, you are most welcome to participate in all events of the Conferment Ceremony! In early 2016 we will send out personal invitations to all Masters and Doctors conferred in the ceremony of 1966. In this year’s Conferment Ceremony, persons conferred 50 years ago will be granted the honorary title of Jubilee Master or Jubilee Doctor.

When must I submit my Master’s thesis for evaluation at the latest in order to be able to participate in the Conferment Ceremony?

You should submit your thesis no later than 4th of April 2016, so that you will graduate in time.

How can I register for the Conferment Ceremony?

You may sign up on this website starting in early 2016. By paying the registration fee you will secure your place in the Conferment Ceremony. We will provide further details regarding the registration process on this website and on our newsletter.

What does the registration fee cover?

The fee covers all events of the Conferment Ceremony: three-course dinners, ball, luncheons, picnic/sail trip, processions, sparkling wine… In addition, the fee will buy a copy of the Conferment Matricula, a personal Conferment Diploma in Latin, dance rehearsals, the Master’s laurel wreath and a copy of the Conferment publication with photos of the events.

What is the Conferment Matricula and why do you collect information for it?

The Matricula is a register of the promovendi that also acts as an official invitation to the Conferment Ceremony. The Matricula contains the program of the ceremony and personal details of the promovendi. The Matricula is an engram of the graduates of the Faculty of Social Sciences, which is why it is important to provide the requested information for its completion.

Can I participate in only some of the events of the Conferment Ceremony?

Of all the events of the Conferment Ceremony, only participation in the Conferment Act is mandatory, but participation in all events is warmly recommended as the ceremony is a very comprehensive and holistic experience. For this reason, there is only one registration fee for all participants regardless of how many events they take part in.

Can I participate in the Conferment Ceremony without a companion?

Yes, by all means. The ceremony will see many participants taking part without a companion, so there will be company.

Whom can I choose as my companion?

The companion need not be the promovendus’ spouse or partner, nor is the choice of the companion regulated in any other way. However, we do not recommend bringing an under-aged companion.

Can I be conferred in absentia in the 2016 Conferment Ceremony?

Unfortunately no. Only promovendi that are present in the Conferment Act will be conferred in the Conferment Ceremony of 2016. We acknowledge that the participation fee may seem high, but in reality the University of Helsinki subsidises the costs with a remarkable amount. We also offer the possibility to pay the participation fee in installments as well as a lower fee for early registrations. Furthermore, the Conferment Committee has negotiated lower prices for dresses and academic insignia for the promovendi.

What should I wear in the events?

As a general rule, the events are formal ceremonies requiring a formal dress (white tie). Female promovendi should have both a black (doctors) or a white (masters) dress and a colourful (i.e. not black or white) evening gown. In addition, the student cap is worn in some of the events. For doctor promovendi the doctoral hat and sword are required, whereas masters should wear the master’s ring. The promovendi should purchase the necessary insignia well ahead of time as their delivery might take anywhere from several weeks to a few months.

For further information regarding dress codes and academic insignia, please see their respective pages.

Can my relatives and loved ones observe the Conferment Act?

There will be room for at least two relatives of each promovendus to observe the event.

Is photography and videography permitted during the events?

Recording of any kind is not permitted during the Conferment Act and the church service and secular event. Professional photographers will document these events and the material they produce will be available for all promovendi after the Conferment Ceremony.