The 16th Conferment Ceremony of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki took place on 13 May and on 26-28 May 2016, see photos here!

About the conferment

The Conferment Ceremony is a three-day celebration that formally marks the end of academic studies, where participating Masters and Doctors, or the promovendi, celebrate their degrees and receive the right to bear the symbols of academic status, namely the master’s wreath and ring or the doctoral hat and sword. All Masters and Doctors whose degrees have been approved prior to the day of the Conferment Act on 27 May can take part in the ceremonial conferment of 2016.
The greatest celebration takes place after graduation.

The very first conferment ceremony in Finland took place in 1643 at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Royal Academy of Turku, and the practice has survived through academic history to this day. Traditions are held in high regard in the ceremony, although the ceremony evolves with time.

The first Conferment Ceremony at the Faculty of Social Sciences took place in 1950, and the conferment ceremony is held anew every five or six years — whenever 50 years have passed from a prior ceremony of the same faculty. The ceremony of 2016 marks the jubilee of the Conferment Ceremony of 1966.

Join us for the celebration of a lifetime!

  • 13.5.
    Flower's Day
  • 26.5.
    Wreath Weaving and Sword Whetting
  • 27.5.
    Conferment Act
  • 28.5.
    Picnic and Ball

    Päiväretki merellisiin maisemiin Helsingin edustalle. Illalla tanssiaiset Vanhalla Ylioppilastalolla, jonka jälkeen promovendien yökulkue ja silliaamiainen aamun valjettua.


The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Helsinki will confer honorary doctorates on six prominent figures from academia, culture and various sectors of society. Read their short bios here.

Ludmilla Alexeeva

Democracy and free speech activist

Mahzarin Banaji

Professor of Social Ethics at Harvard University

Kenneth Binmore

Professor Emeritus of Economics at University College London (UCL), Visiting Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Bristol

Kalle Könkkölä

Director, activist for greater rights and accessibility for disabled people

Douglas Maynard

Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Evert Vedung

Professor of Political Science at Uppsala University

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